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Spaces of Joy - Week 7 live scribe alt text

A green and pink wavy glitter border with the spaces of joy logo in the top left corner: “spaces of joy” curved around a star in white with a black shadow.

The title “Off we go - session 7 - Ali Wilson” is written at the top left of the page in large white script and highlighted in black.

Below “Ali Wilson” is written in large black script and underlined with “she/her” underneath and all is highlighted in light green.

To the right is an illustration of Ali, who is wearing black rimmed glasses, has bright purple hair and purple freckles. The illustration is circled with a bright pink line.

To the left “Director of Every Brain” is written in black block capitals and underlined in bright pink.

Below is a large pink speech bubble, coming from the illustration of Ali, with “Ali is a theatre maker and producer - Every Brain promotes neurodivergent artists” written in large black block capitals.

Below is the subtitle “beginning projects” written in large black and white block capitals, underlined with a purple wavy line.

A curly purple arrow points down to “dreaming” in a grey cloud with grey stars, two grey light bulbs to the right and “culture” underlined in grey with two grey stars to the right, both written in black script.

Below is written “things to start:” in purple.

A light pink arrow points down to a large illustration of a purple clipboard, surrounded by boxes with purple ticks in them. On the clipboard is a stack of paper with bullet points written on:

  • “ask the team for access riders”

  • “Permission to share riders with team / venue”

  • “Put accessibility into place”

  • “Collaborative and agreed schedule”

  • “Arrange audience access”

  • “Emotional check-ins”

A second light pink arrow goes from the word “things to start” to a second large purple clipboard with four purple ticks to the left. On the clipboard is a sheet of paper with bullet points written on:

  • “Initial contact + start up meetings (check updates)”

  • “Plan group visits to venue”

  • “co -producers work together to arrange questions / support for teams”

  • “Collaboration through all decisions + arrangements”

  • “Evaluation”

Below is a numbered list (1-5) with the headings highlighted in pink:

  1. “Why - motivation, ethics, intended outcome”

  2. “Get to know - each other - outside of project”

  3. “List of dreams - disable any barriers - what can we do?”

  4. “Access - it can be a creative conversation”

  5. “Info, info, info - who is doing what - eg overlapping roles”

Above this list is an illustration of a scroll with the title “list of dreams” written at the top and bullet points below. There is a quill in the top left corner of the scroll and it is surrounded by a cloud and stars in grey.

To the right of the scroll “to combat ableism” is written in black and highlighted in green.

Above the scroll is an illustration of Sydney Opera House in grey with “e.g Sydney Opera House at sunset with an audience of dogs” written in black to the right.

From the left of the illustration is a pink dashed arrow, pointing upwards, with a bright pink jagged circle in the middle with “interactive” written inside in black.

At the top of the arrow is a pink bingo card with a white grid of different access symbols in black, including: closed captioning, braille, audio description, assistance dogs, wheelchair accessible, and ramps.

To the right of the bingo card is “access bingo” written in large black bubble writting on a bright green background. Below this title is written “interactive ways to ensure every body + mind has been considered”.

Above is an illustration of a black and white cow sticking out a long pink tongue. To the right “licked into creation” is written in black. Below in a grey cloud is written “”it’s the gas”” with an illustration of a grey volcano erupting a white cloud. Above this illustration is “letters can be numbers” written with an “x” and a “y” in pink below.

To the right is an illustration of seven people around a table; one is in a hijab, one is in a wheelchair each and everyone is in light pink tops. They are gesticulating expressively and all have bright pink speech bubbles above them - twelve in total. Above this illustration in large black letters is written “we learn about people in conversation…”.

Below the illustration is written the quote “it is so valuable when collaborating creatively - to take the time to get to know each other personally… sometimes you even discover things about your own needs…”. This is written in black with bright green lines above and below, green hearts on both sides and a green illustration of a person with a speech bubble full of stars.

Below, to the left is a large purple speech bubble with “fun ways to talk about access written inside in black and white. To the right is an illustration of a sheet of paper covered in writing and written to the right in black is “limericks” “short poems” and “haikus”.

To the right is an illustration of a guitar with a musical score coming out of it and “everything in a tune” written in black to the right and underlined in pink. Below is an illustration of a person with “quiet space” and “regular breaks” written to the right in black and underlined in pink.

Below, written in large black font is the quote “you don’t always need to be looking for answers…”, with green lines above and below to frame.

Below are seven names, each written in large black capital letters and circled in grey. Beneath each name are descriptions written in black and circled in pink. Each has pink hearts and grey stars:

“Roxy Moore” with “obvious care in every element + step of the process”

“Francesca Peschier” with “open + frank process - always available supportive + motivational”

“Reena Kalsi” with “accessibility in an artist driven way”

“Chloe Courtney” with “thinking across disciplines + expanding scope cart + science”

“Daniel Oliver” with “gloriously chaotic, immersive + interactive shows - awkward participatory performance”

“Sarah Brigham” with “instilling belief - community spaces”

“Daniel Door” with “championing accessibility + permission to be”

Below is written the names “Stella Kanu” and “Patrick Collier” in black block capitals, with pink hearts between and to both sides.

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