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Spaces of Joy Week 6: Sam Metz

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Sam is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and researcher inspired by movement. Sam’s work researches, creates and reflects on the concept of what they refer to as ‘choreographic objects’. A ‘choreographic object’ is any work Sam creates that has, through the process of making or in the way it looks, a relationship to the body and movement. These works have included animation, analogue and digital film, paintings and sculptural objects, such as 3D printed forms. These objects are created through movement and rhythm, whether in the form of still images lifted from film footage of Sam’s live art or in the dynamic, repetitive gestures of their mark making.

As a neurodivergent artist with sensory processing differences, the objects allow Sam to work in non-verbal ways, which is a key part of their practice. As an artist with an unpredictable body (due to both Tourette’s and the disability EDS, a connective tissue disorder) the creation of visual, sculptural objects for choreography and alternative forms of notation have allowed the artist alternative methods of communication with artists. Sam studied Architecture and Critical Theory (philosophy) at University of Nottingham and had previously trained in physical theatre, they currently work out of Juice Studios and the Makerspace in Hull. They are supported by a S-H-E-D (Sustainability Health Environment Development) research grant for ‘Drawing as Stimming’, an Unlimited bursary and Arts Council England project grant. They have previously received a Jerwood bursary for research into stimming and Outsider Art.

social media: Instagram- @chippedpale

Sam ran a session for Spaces of Joy named "Interpreting for People Who Don't Sit Still". Below is Amber Anderson's live scribe:

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