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Spaces of Joy - Week 6 live scribe alt text

A green and pink wavy glitter border with the spaces of joy logo in the top left corner: “spaces of joy” curved around a star in white with a black shadow.

The title “interpreting for people who don’t sit still - session 6 - Sam Metz” is written at the top left of the page in large white script and highlighted in black.

Below “Sam Metz” is written in large white script and underlined, “they/them” is in black underneath and all is highlighted in bright purple.

Below is an illustration of Sam; they are bending down with their arms outstretched, dancing. They have shoulder-length fair hair, and are wearing black shoes, black trousers and a black short sleeved top. The illustration is circled with a bright green line.

To the left “visual + movement artist” is written in black block capitals with “movements informed by personal experiences of neurodivergence” written underneath.

Below is a large green speech bubble with “sensory call out” written in black and white. To the right are two more speech bubbles, these are bright pink with white writing in which say: “no ocularcentrism” and “not reliant on listening reading or writing”.

Below the green speech bubble and within a circle with a dashed green outline is the quote “a call out that prioritised non-verbal stimming reactions to sensory inputs” in black, with “ouch - orange - pink noise” written below in green.

Below is a purple outlined speech bubble that says “materials that listen” inside in black block capitals. Below the speech bubble are two illustrations of a hand holding a round pink object with pink lines radiating off of it. To the right of the speech bubble is an illustration of a grey mug with pink lines radiating from the bottom of it.

To the right is an illustration of a doodled, squiggly line with a green pencil at the end.

At the top of the page in the centre is the subheading “removing any barriers” written in white block letters with black outlines, and “to creativity and expression” written underneath in black script and underlined in purple.

Around these words are illustrations of people sitting, drawing, holding things, dancing and waving. They are surrounded by stars and to the right are two squiggly line doodles with a green pencil and a music score.

A curly purple arrow points up to a square with a purple dashed outline, inside is written “understanding and allowing expression to work differently for different bodies and minds” in black block capitals.

Below the illustrations is written “whether it is through movement, making sounds, making marks, objects or stimming” across a light purple banner.

To the right, at the top of the page is a piece of paper with a squiggly line doodled across it and a large green pencil. There is an arrow at the top left and bottom right corner of the paper pointing clockwise around the paper.

To the right is written “focussing on the process - not on the outcome” with “process” and “outcome” highlighted in green.

Below, highlighted in green, is written “can be grounding” “can be relaxing” “focus on the sound + physical touch”.

Below is a large speech bubble with a bright pink outline. Inside is written “stimming as a form of languaging - non verbal, embodied communication”.

Below is an illustration of a brick walled room with 6 people in it, all in pink long sleeved tops and white trousers. One is in a wheelchair, with pink lines radiating to them from the wall. One is standing, drawing. One is looking out of the window, holding a sheet of paper and gesturing upwards. One is holding a stick in the air which has pink lines coming out of the end. One is reading from a sheet of paper. One is holding a sheet of paper in front of them and has their other hand to their temple. There is a pink stage light in the right hand side of the room.

To the left is a pink box with “building tests” written inside, and underneath are the words “pictures” “sound recordings” “drawings”, with a black speech bubble that says “collective ownership of the space.

Under the illustration is written “playful materials used to explore and research the accessibility of spaces”.

To the right are large pink bubbles, four of which have illustrations inside: a thermometer, a pipe cleaner, a voice recorder and a stick.

In the centre of the sheet is written “embodied interaction” which is underlined in green.

To the right is an illustration of someone in all balck, looking at three pieces of art and improvising dance movements in response.

Below is written “exploring physical movement responses to visuals”, underlined in a wavy green line. A green arrow points to the right where “a form of interpretation in response to experiencing artwork” is written, underlined with a green wavy line. A green arrow points up to the right where “tools and materials that support artworks in physical interactions” is written, and underlined in green. Below is an illustration of a frame with a green painting inside, below is a hand holding a green object that replicates the shape of the painting. To the right it says “e.g stimming materials”. To the right in large black script it says “experience rather than observe”, circled in green. A green arrow points to the right where it says “considering the physical / material stimulus that can be provided alongside artwork to enhance the audiences experience”. Above are illustrations of; a hand drawing, two hands holding a ball of wool, a person hula hooping and someone dancing on a mat.

To the left of the page is the subtitle “decentralising the power in the room” highlighted in pink. Across the bottom of the page are pink circles with illustrations inside and captions at the bottom:

  • Pink speech bubbles with symbols for braille, closed captioning, audio description, a video and a sheet of paper with writing on. The caption is “alternative communication”

  • A hand with the index finger outstretched and pink ripples coming away from the finger. The caption is “embodied / sensory”

  • Two people in white, facing each other in a pink hoop. The caption is “support workers”

  • A hand next to a scrunched up piece of paper. The caption “material led learning”

  • Five people sat around a table, surrounded by pink stars and speech bubbles. The caption “everyone is a participant”

  • A hand holding a pink circular object. The caption “modelling and making”

  • Two hands holding up three large pink question marks. The caption “provocations (not absolutes)”

  • A hand held up with the palm facing a pink speech bubble with a tick in it. Caption “acknowledging refusal”

Each circle is joined to the next with a purple arrow.

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