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My Uncle is Not Pablo Escobar

Daisy has collaborated with My Uncle is Not Pablo Escobar since 2019. It is a body of work surrounding Latinx representation & visibility in the UK. The show accompanying it of the same title, is currently in development.

Young Latinx women from South London stand on stage and dare you to call them invisible. 

My Uncle is Not Pablo Escobar follows a group of activists as they challenge injustice and fight for the representation they deserve.

My Uncle is Not Pablo Escobar began with conversations between The Advocacy Academy alumni and activists Valentina Andrade and Elizabeth Alvarado and Creative Director Tom Ross Williams about theatre as a potent tool to amplify activist collective, LatinXcluded’s, campaigns for Latinx rights in the UK.


My Uncle is Not Pablo Escobar exists not just as a show but also as a body of work in allyship, activism and grassroots community organizing.


This formally innovative project weaves traditional playwriting with direct action and a live-art aesthetic, capturing the urgency of an activist rally and the celebration of a festival, bringing together the creators’ experience as theatre-makers, campaigners and activists. Our work explores dual identity, class and gender.

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