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Matty May

Matty May has been collaborating with The Hale since 2020. We produced the premiere run of their solo show ‘If You Love Me This Might Hurt’ at Camden People’s Theatre and will be developing new work in 2022 & 2023.

Matty May is a working-class queer artist and full-time Barking babe. Unashamedly common as muck, sometimes funny and often anxious. His work is honest, vulnerable and a little uncomfortable. Matty is the Associate Director of Scottee & Friends.

If You Love Me This Might Hurt

Matty May was conceived during a drunken one-night stand on his Nan's settee in July 1988. Since then, he has tried to kill himself three times.

An uncensored and funny show about rage, suicide and so-called self-care, If You Love Me This Might Hurt explores mental health, council estates, the trauma men can inflict and the magic of having a brilliant nan all through a queer lens.

Some conversations will always be uncomfortable. Society wants change for our mental health care system, but the system doesn't want to make the necessary changes within society that will allow us to take these needed steps forward. In this show, Matty dismantles the roots of the problem that would actually enable everyone to put their mental health first.

Director - Scott Le Crass
Producer - Daisy Hale
Design - Katherina Radeva
Sound Design - Annie May Fletcher
Lighting Design - Lauren Woodhead

Trailer shot and edited by Greta Zabulyte

Supported by Camden People's Theatre and Arts Council England

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