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Trigger Warning

Tue 22 Oct - Sat 9 Nov 2019
Created by Marcelo Dos Santos and Natasha Nixon.

“Please note during this performance you may find you feel things. Up to and including: Boredom. Agony. Ecstasy. Arousal...”

Imagine Ryanair staging Beckett on a falling plane.
Presented by two charming hosts, Trigger Warning is a pre-show disclaimer to a show you may never see.
A jet-black absurdist comedy exploring the politics behind safe spaces and the culture of offence, pushing it to its logical breaking point and freewheeling along the tightrope between dance, clown, text and theatre.

Developed with UCL Culture, Young Vic, Dare Festival, Shoreditch Town Hall.
Recipient of the CPT / Jerwood Home Run commission.

"Walks the tight-rope between the serious and the comic,
anxiety and laughter, pitfalls and pratfalls operating as a clown show.""
Stagedoor's Lyn Gardner

"Absurdity shines through the vivid physical performances."
The Stage

"The Directorial decisions by Natasha Nixon are very strong, as the performers use clowning and voice-overs to tremendous comedic effect."
The Spy in the Stalls

"An absurd and humorous production that really pushes the limits of performance and theatre."
Within Her Words

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