All the foods I never knew until I went to Uni.

April 2, 2017

For the first time in long time, I'm making some solo work and it's a terrifying prospect but also extremely exciting. 


'All the foods I never knew until I got to uni' has been swirling round my head for a long time. In a simple round up it's based around the fact that I got to university and met people who had far more affluent upbringings than myself and seemed to have this wealth of food (amongst other) based knowledge and pallet I never even knew existed. I was laughed at in a friends kitchen for asking why she was putting raw salmon on a bagel because I'd never seen smoked salmon before. The next day I went and bought the £1 Morrisons own brand smoked salmon trimmings because I wanted to know and fit in. 


Since I've moved to London, my sense of my own working class identity and what that means to me has grown stronger and stronger and I'm brought back to that day at uni. 


Food and class have been interlinked throughout history, if you put the two into google you're met with a plethora of stereotypes and 'samples' professing the working class to be uneducated and incapable of eating 'well' (whatever that means) - how much of this is still true?


Using food as a conduit, I want to talk to as many working class people about how food and class are interlinked and whether our approach to and knowledge of food is shaped by economics or are there other factors at play. In a wider sense I'll be looking at how working class identity is defined, created and what it means to us today.


In a world thats trends are shaped by millennials, what effect are we having on food trends and how are we forming new ideas of what we consider value and wealth? For some, are these new ideas creating a working class identity crises? Where does guilt and shame fit in all of this?


When was the first time you heard of an avocado? Did you shop yellow tag? Is food even important to you? What is POSH food?


I've been given a seed commission to make 20 minutes of this performance piece by Camden People's Theatre as part of their Common People Festival. The show will be part lecture, part conversation - a seminar. I'll be telling some stories some of which are mine and some of which are lot. We'll play some games. You will be quizzed. 


You can see it as part of the Big Bang on the 24th of April. 


Come chat to me, argue with me, have a brew with me. Drop me a email if you want to chat - 




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